National R&I Programme 2013

The Malta Council for Science and Technology provides state financing in the form of grants for research, development and innovation in science and technology through the National R&I Programme.

The Council is currently accepting project proposals for the National R&I Programme 2013. The focus of the programme is technology transfer between academia and industry with specific focus on the four priority sectors identified in the National R&I Strategy namely Environment & Energy Resources, ICT, Value-Added Manufacturing and Health & Biotechnology.  Sub-priority areas for 2013 year only - Limestone Science and Technology and Offshore Solar Technology.

Project proposals submitted through this call should typically have a duration of between one and three years. However, projects with different timeframes may be considered at the discretion of the Council. The Council is looking to fund projects of between €50,000 and €200,000.

The submission and evaluation will be split into two stages: The light-weight application requests interested parties to submit a preliminary proposal. Following evaluation, these proposals will be short listed to a final evaluation stage requiring applicants to submit a detailed proposal.

The total value of the National R&I Programme 2013 fund is still to be confirmed, subject to availability of the funds.

An information session will be held at noon on Friday 1st February 2013 at Villa Bighi, Kalkara.

An additional information session will be held at 10:00 on Wednesday 6th February 2013 at Villa Bighi, Kalkara.


The following table summarises the R&I 2013 Programme timeframes.




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Launch Announcement

30th January 2013

Rules for Participation

Info Session

1st February 2013 at noon at MCST offices

R&I Launch Session Presentation

Info Session (repeat of above)

6th February 2013 at 10am at MCST offices.

Lightweight Project Proposal Form

Info Session (repeat of above)

14th February 2013 at 2pm at MCST offices


Deadline for Submissions of Lightweight Application

20th March 2013 at noon

Guidelines for Project Proposal - Dummy Budget

Lightweight Application Results

2nd week of April 2013

Guidelines for Evaluators

Deadline for Submissions of Detailed Application

Friday, 31 May, noon

Detailed Project Proposal Form

Detailed Application Evaluation Results

Notification of award followed by 2 week negotiations to finalise Grant Agreement

Mid July 2013

Mid July 2013


Signing of Grant Agreement including IP (2 weeks to return signed hard copies)

Mid September 2013

R&I Project Reporting Template

Technical Audit Template

Guidelines for Technical Report

Project Start Date

01 October 2013


Important Notice

The following need to be taken into consideration when submitting the Proposal Forms.

Submitting the Proposal Form:
Both Proposal forms must be initialised (stamped or signed) on each page by the Lead Partner Organisation’s legal representative.

Signing off Proposal Form: 
The legal representative of each member of the consortium must sign off on the application and enter the date of signature in pen (not electronically).


Proposal Forms need to be sent electronically to with "R&I 2013 Lightweight Proposal Submission" or "R&I 2013 Detailed Proposal Submission" as a subject accordingly by the stipulated deadlines.


Submissions shall consist of ONE email containing

  • One single file in .xls format consisting of the application duly filled; and
  • One single file in Portable Document Format (.pdf) of a scanned signed copy of the application (including date) by all the legal representatives of Project Partners.

Emails larger than 6MB shall be automatically rejected by the system.

All received applications shall be acknowledged by email.


Please note that the Rules for Participation have been updated 

Clarifications in the 2013 Rules for Participation v1.1 published 18 February 2013

Section 3.6.5

- Researchers, operators and students engaged specifically for the project fall outside the 20% limit on personnel costs;

- Subcontracting activities fall outside the 20% limit on personnel costs;

- Project management cannot be subcontracted;

- End of project financial audits can be subcontracted.

Section 3.6.7(b) Recoverable VAT is an ineligible cost.


Please note that the Dummy Budget has been updated (20 February 2013)


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1. February 2013