Italia Malta Genome Breast Cancer Cross Boarder Risk Surveillance  - IMaGenX

IMaGenX is a cross-border network of users, health providers, administrators and researchers from Sicily and Malta tasked to promote Breast Cancer surveillance. By integrating interdisciplinary expertise in epidemiolog and molecular genetics and through client empowerment it aims to strengthen the structured care and surveillance of women at risk from breast cancer.

Risk assessment, stratification and allocation of appropriate surveillance programmes will be strictly evidence-based. Sophisticated risk evaluation undertaken by user-friendly computer-based e-assessments and algorithms, and community specialist counselling will complement existing Breast Screening.

IMaGenX will create an infrastructure to scrutinise putative environmental and genetic factors involved in malignancies in the central Mediterranean. Health initiatives such as preventive educational campaigns, medical or biochemical interventions, and bespoke IT screening will be precisely targeted. Communities will take greater responsibility for their health.

IMaGenX seeks to innovate by introducing state-of-the-art technologies and rationalise traditional resources from regional bodies. It will consolidate existing scientific potential from two prime Mediterranean regions into Research Institutes of Excellence. Acting synergistically as strategic platforms they will transform their Life Sciences and Information Technology resources into world class industries engaged in cancer risk-reduction.